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Bollywood Café featuring Shibani Kashyap

An Exciting Bollywood Musicial Extravaganza
Saturday November 5, 2011

Prem United is proud to present our musical extravaganza featuring the world renown Bollywood Singer – the one and only SHIBANI KASHYAP! She is the first Female Music Director and Music Composer nominated for a FilmFare Award for her work on Zinda; she has sung and composed numerous Bollywood Hits including; KASHMAKSH, ZINDA HOON MEIN, SAJNAA, HAUSLA, BA KHUDA, TAAN KE SEENA, LIFE PEECHHE PEECHHE, and has two unique albums and so much more!

Shibani is a phenomenal singer and performer, who to her credit is the only female music composer, performer to actually be featured in live Bollywood movies as the actual singer! She skillfully performs many unique genres of Indian music and is accredited with masterfully performing folk and fusion numbers on worldwide scale! Her flare and artistic charisma in authentic renditions of fusion content mesmerized international audiences from the movie ‘Walk Away’ – released in 2010 for her work in ‘Bonds Fall Apart’ a Bollywood song that Shibani sang in French! She was also featured in last year’s Winter Olympic games in Dehli!

Live in Montreal, November 5, 2011- be prepared to enjoy an authentic Classy Bollywood Lounge atmosphere, and groove all evening long to a LIVE Bollywood Musical Entertainment Show!
For more information please contact us at Tickets are available online (please scrool down), at 1.855.790.1245.

Prem United aims to connect the community at large by exploring the traditions and evolution of Indian arts in order to better explore Indian Culture. Our mission is to create an innovative platform that connects all of the artist expressions of the Global Indian Diaspora. We are thrilled to bring you a high quality artistic program highlighting the Folk, Modern, Fusion traditions of Indian music, through Bollywood! We are proud to take you on a live musical journey celebrating the diversity of Indian music in modern and contemporary fashion! A special thanks to our event sponsors; Foxie Roxie Cosmetics, Jannat Productions, Move your MIPSA, and Montreal Indian Dance Ensemble for their invaluable contributions!

General Admission $25

VIP Tickets $50

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  1. Billy Garcia - Reply
    30 October 2011

    Sounds that a great event. I will definitely be there. Hope to meet some indian hotties 🙂

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