Heineken Gets ‘Jaan Pechan Ho’ with Bollywood

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Musical. Light, Ambiance. Gitter and Glamour. Colour. Vibrant. These are some of my favourite descriptions of the Bollywood genre. Heineken has raised their sleeves, and added a few of their own!!

See Heineken created a TV commercial entitled ‘The Date’ featuring a classic Bollywood song called ‘Jann Pechan Ho’  from the Indian film Gumnaam released in 1966. The daring double ‘0 7 type (French actor Guillaume Dolmans) ushers his hot date (Samantha Rex, Thai singer/model/actress model) into an upscale Chinese restaurant. They daringly cruise through the kitchen, lobby, reception rooms and get chased by a dragon, lol. For those of you curious to see the commercial: check out  

The shot was filmed in London, and here is a fun making of trailer featuring some of the behind the scenes 

The original song ‘Jaan Pechan Ho’ literally translates into English to mean ‘getting to know you’ and the piece was inspired by the western Batman crave that was trendy during the mid 1960’s (very fitting for a horror movie genre – wouldn’t you say?)

I’m glad to see mega corporations like Heineken dive into the the world of Bollywood and expose it to a wider market by infusing their concept of the genre with a western appeal. Do you think this commercial showcases the Bollywood genre? If so, or not – what filmy elements do you think the commercial has or lacks….?

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