Sheila Ki Javani – Bollywood Masala

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Bollywood music itself is a raw blend of many unique cultures blended together to amplify a rich collage of Indian culture. India has 28 unique states, each with their own cultural characteristics that together create this extraordinary Indian culture, a Bollywood Cultural Masala – if you will!! When I used to think of Bollywood music, I would have these incredible images etched in my mind of Bollywood movie scenes, and now I get a kick out of seeing the diversity that these numbers are truly based on.

Mega hit Sheila Ki Javani from the movie Tees Mar Khan starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif has been a sensation all throughout India.  It is quite fascinating to see Katrina perform this vibrant number is a variety of cultural contexts to appeal to different Indian audiences. Here is a special number she did featuring a Marathi version in Maharati costume styling, choreography and music adaption, which was performed at the MAX Stardust Awards 2011 which was held in Mumbai on Feb 6, 2011. 

Here is Katrina performing the same number in an authentic Tamil remixed style of Sheila Ki Javani at the 18th Colors Screen Awards 2012!! 

In seeing both versions, do you notice any similarities or differences in these pieces? I particularly love the musical remix breakdowns in each version as they relate to the specific culture being showcased.



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