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In the treasure chest of India’s history, lies many jewelled legends. Legends that have withstood throughout the test of time. Meera Bai (also written as Mira bai) was one such acclaimed gem whose brilliance was her renowned sincere dedication and devotion to Lord Krishna.

Meera Bai was a Rajput Princess, and incredibly at the age of five was given a small statue of Lord Krishna. She was with her mother when a wedding procession was passing them by when little Meera Bai asked her mother ‘What type of Groom will I have when it’s my time?’ Her mother laughed and told her gently ‘Your groom will be none other than Lord Hari!!’

Although she was traditionally married to Prince Bhoj Raj who was the eldest son of Rana Sanga of Chittor, she was not happy with this marriage as she already considered herself as the spouse of Lord Krishna. Her devotion was so pure and genuine that news of her singing and faith spread of her quickly throughout India. Her husband’s family didn’t approve of her behaviour and presenented many obstacles to her, even at times attempting to poison her! But on every attempt, they ultimately did not succeed. Legend has it that the Lord Himself intervened to protect his Devotee.

At some time Meera declared herself a disciple of the guru Ravidas (“guru miliyaa raidasjee”) and left for the centre of Krishnaism, Vrindavan. She considered herself to be a reborn gopi, Lalita, mad with love for Krishna. Folklore informs us of a particular incident where she expressed her desire to engage in a discussion about spiritual matters with Rupa Goswami, a direct disciple of Chaitanya and one of the foremost saint of Vrindavan that time who, being a renunciate celibate, refused to meet a woman. Meera replied that the only true man (purusha) in this universe is Lord Krishna. She continued her pilgrimage, “danced from one village to another village, almost covering the whole north of India”. One story has her appearing in the company of Kabir in Kashi, once again causing affront to social mores. She seems to have spent her last years as a pilgrim in Dwarka, Gurjarat.. It is said that Mirabai disappeared into the Dwarkadhish Murti (Image of Lord Krishna) in front of a full audience of onlookers.

Throughout her life’s legacy, Meera bai thousands poems, songs about her longing and pure devotion of the Lord. Here is one poem she wrote entitled ‘I Danced Before My Giridhara

I danced before my Giridhara.
Again and again I dance
To please that discerning critic,
And put His former love to the test.
I put on the anklets
Of the love of Shyam,
And behold! My Mohan stays true.
Worldly shame and family custom
I have cast to the winds.
I do not forget the beauty of the Beloved
Even for an instant.
Mira is dyed deeply in the dye of Hari.

Some of these classic songs were actually adopted in Bollywood movies, one classic example is found in Ek Radha Ek Meera from the movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili released in 1985




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