Nissan produces a mini bollywood movie starring ‘Ranbir Kapoor!!’

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When you hear ‘Bollywood’ images of a typical boy meeting a girl races to your mind. Amidst the happy union of the new couple comes the defiant disapproval of the girl’s father who is adamant that the new boyfriend is not a suitable fit for his daughter…. Well these Bollywood theatrics spark to life with the launch Nissan India’s latest campaign ‘New Star of India’ as of March 30th, 2012.  This mini corporate movie style commercial is a little over 4 minutes long and is starring Bollywood sensation ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ (appearing in the blockbuster film Band Bhaja Baaraat and many other bollywood hits ).

It’s all there surprisingly – the tragic father’s disapproval of his daughter’s newfound boyfriend, his dramatic decision to separate the two love birds, and the incessant pursuit by Ranbir Kapoor to find his love. A fun twist of this mini movie is a dancing fleet of a 100 Nissan Micras in an auto choreographed bollywood sequence to bring out Ranbir’s pursuit in an authentic bollywood style!!

This mini movie was filmed at Ramoji film city in Hyderabad, India and was developed by AKQA Agency from the UK. Nissan India also ran an extensive social media contest to select 100 Bollywood fans who auditioned through facebook by uploading videos of their dancing, and then 20 fans were selected to appear in the ad. The mini movie has also been adopted into a 60 second trailer that hits 3500 theatres across India. The film was directed by choreographer/director Ahmed Khan and filmed by cinematographer Ravi.K. Chandran. The catchy tune in the mini movie was created by songwriter Pranay Rijja.

David Parkinson, GM Social and Digital communications EMEA and India at Nissan commented, “Nissan is a relatively new entrant into the Indian market so we wanted to rapidly become part of the conversation by doing something fresh and different. The New Star of India campaign has been immensely successful in helping Nissan build an emotional connection with Indian youth, and of course given us a great platform to continue the conversation with India at scale”.

Well for those of you who didn’t get to see this mini movie, feel free to check out:

And especially for all of you who would like to see the behind the scenes, and get some inspiration as to how makes a fleet of Nissan Micras ‘dance’, take a look at the behind the scenes here :






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  1. Mifty - Reply
    23 July 2012

    LoL! That’s the first time that I actually enjoyed a 4-minute car commercial. It’s well put together and feels like a movie!

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