Is Bollywood Ready for Lady Gaga?

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The best thing about it is – it’s only a door away, like I have the first album door, it’s a hallway of wooden doors – that’s one album you walk down then the second door is the next album, and then there is one more door coming up, right – and I’m banging on the walls and I’m looking for hammers, machine guns… I just wanna get to that freak’in door!! I know it’s there, can I open it? It’s not the same as just writing a song – it’s writing a chapter of whatever ‘lobe’ is in my brain waiting to be unlocked.’

That was a wonderful quote by Lady Gaga describing her very own creative process on Oprah’s Next Chapter series. It appeals to me as she openly describes her personal process and how she is able to innovate herself to different modes of expression.

As Lady Gaga is a fan of Indian music and Bollywood music in particular, she has teamed up with Indian music composers Salim and Sulaiman to produce a Bollywood inspired remix version of the hit track ‘Born This Way!!’ The remix features the voice of Salim along with Indian instrumentals like sitar, dhol and dholak which have been fused to create Bollywood rhythms onto the track.

Sulaiman said, “Lady Gaga’s song – Born This Way, has been topping the charts in 23 countries around the world. However, when Gaga wanted to present it to the Indian and Asian music fans, she thought of giving it a Bollywood twist to increase the appeal.”

Lady Gaga is happy about the way the Bollywood remix of Born This Way has come out and she is waiting for reactions. If the response is positive, she plans to churn out an entire album of her songs with Bollywood remix version! Two more South Asian-influenced remixes of her song “Judas” was have also been mixed by Salim and Sulaiman and another popular producer, Panjabi MC have also been released.

Could it be that Lady Gaga’s newly found door is an Indian inspired Bollywood vibe, looking to link different elements of main stream Bollywood music with the worldwide appeal of pop music?  Here is the Bollywood inspired the Salim and Suliman remix of ‘Born This Way’

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