Live Indo Quebec Bollywood Theatre – Poutine Masala!!

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Poutine Masala, is indeed a mix of many things. It’s trilingual dialogue, clashing cultural scenarios, lively Bollywood dance sequences all mesh together to bring to life a Bollywood style theatre!

The story revolves around two central characters – Mini (an Indian woman who newly emigrates to Montreal and Gab who is a born and raised Quebecois. Interestingly as both become more and more drawn to each other, the more they uncover different aspects of their individual cultures. They struggle to stay on common ground by exploring the nuances of these differences. An explosive secret from the past threatens the new blossoming love between the two.

This light comedic story also integrates aspects of the Quebecois and Indian culture which is interesting to see as it is something unique that ‘Montrealers’ can relate to. There are many Bollywood dance sequences featured for all you Bollywood dance fans.

Here is the Biography of the producer, choreographer, concept and co-writer for Poutine Masala – Deepali Lindbloom

DeepaliDeepali Lindblom combines the best of dance and drama in a unique performing art of storytelling. Proficient in several folk dances, theater and puppetry, Deepali integrate them with ‘Kathak’, an Indian classical dance. Her artistic journey that began in India, took new dimensions in Sweden and now new directions in Montreal, where she presently resides. Her stay in these countries helped mold her art by lending their distinct influences, thus Deepali blends in the charisma of the East, the precision of the West and the best of in between.

Deepali has performed and held workshops in many grass-root communities of rural and urban India. One such achievement was working with ‘Aasha’, an organization working in ‘Kamathipura’ Mumbai’s biggest red light district. Another was training 350 tribal youth in the northeast India. In 2001, Deepali initiated a very ambitious project, ‘Bhoomi’ (The Earth). Inviting 500 artists, from the seven northeasern states to Mumbai.

In 2006 while living in Sweden, Deepali became a professional choreographer and dancer. She started projects that used art as a medium to promote the cultural identities of the immigrants. ‘Komma till Tals’ (Make your voice heard) the first of its kind in Sweden, was one such effort, a cultural centre for the youth.

In Montreal where she arrived in 2008, was a decison for Deepali to work fulltime as an artist. Since then, she has performed in various festivals and events. In 2009, she wrote, produced and performed in two-part, dance-drama, ‘The Legend of Necklace’ and ‘Lha Gyalo’.

I had the opportunity of asking Deepali a few questions regarding her experience with Poutine Masala:

Adhika: What was the inspiration that developed this project?

Deepali: My relationship with my Swedish husband, Johan Lindblom as well as celebrating the intercultural spirit of Montreal.

Adhika: How long did it take to bring Poutine Masala to life?

Deepali: I started working on it last summer.

Adhika: What aspect of the planning did you enjoy the most?

Deepali:Everything was fun but ofcourse what gives me great joy is creating a cool choreography and everybody getting it right, so that was fun. But also the scenes with the parents were really hilarious. We have never laughed so hard as we did when we were rehearsing. Couldn’t keep a straight face, Still can’t. Have to bite my lips from laughing out loud 🙂

Adhika: What was the biggest challenge to overcome?

Deepali: Funding of course, that limited a lot of things but also few instances like one of my cast member being hit by a car 2 weeks before the show and having to replace her.

The play is currently going on between May 16th – May 27th 2012 at Mainline theatre which is located at 3997 St. Laurent, and ticket prices are $23.00 (incl. taxes). So It’s not too late to check out the show!! The show is on the following days and times:

May 16 mai at 20h
May 17 mai at 20h
May 18 mai at 20h
May 19 mai at 20h
May 20 mai at 14h
May 24 mai at 20h
May 25 mai at 20h
May 26 mai at 14h
May 26 mai at 20h
May 27 mai at 14h












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