The History of Dil E Nadan!

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Dil – e Nadan is an authentic West Indian band originating from Trinidad and Tobago and was founded in 1957 by the late Usaf Khan and Ramnarine Moonilal. Dil e nadan won the Prime Minister’s Trophy for best indian orchestration which was judged by the late great Mohammed Rafi 1962. The band enjoyed alot of success in the years to follow and dominated the local indian industry. In the 80’s the band toured mainly Canada,Guyana and Suriname and boasted the best local singers the country had at the time. (Nazimul and Ruby, Ras Nancoo). In the mid 80’s Ramnarine’s two sons Rennie and Raymond joined the group as percussionists then moving on to trumpets, and then Guitars and Keyboards. With the push from then manager Haseeb Majid ,Raymond started his career as a lead singer. He entered the national duet singing competition with Swarsati Maraj in 1989 and won first place. This proved to be the start of the rise of the Indian Culture among the youths in Trinidad and Tobago. The next year (1990) Raymond entered Mastana Bahar where he placed Second in the grand finals. Rennie the eldest of the brothers also sang in the finals.That same year the youngest of the brothers Richard joined the band as a Tabla and Dholak player. The band did there first show in New York in 1993 at York College in Queens. (the show was sold out 1 week in advance) Then in 1996 the band was signed to Soca Paradise (Ramesh Singh) and released there first C.D. People’s Choice. The success seemed to have just started as the band became the first band to tour Holland and Spain in 1997. In 1999 Richard became the youngest manager in Trinidad at only 19. Soon after Dil – e Nadan became the first chutney group to perform at the world renouned Brass Festival and Youth Festival. Dil e nadan holds the record for the most awards at the 103fm awards show winning 24 awards. The band is currently sponsered by Bmobile and Stag. Dil e nadan recently signed a Five year deal in Holland with Bollywood LTD for performances in Europe.
Raymond Ramnarine is the leader of the WORLD’s #1 SOCA CHUTNEY BAND, started his career at the age of 10. Being musically gifted he played trumpet, keyboards, drums….just about anything he could get his hands on!! He took up singing when he was 15 and that was the turning point. He went on to win numerous competitions in Trinidad  and was awarded best male artist on many occasions. He also won best International singer in Holland, Chutney King in Canada, touring numerously in the  Caribbean, U.S,  Canada, Holland, Spain and was given the title: ‘DA SHOWSTOPPA‘ by his adoring fans! …. Raymond Ramnarine, leader of the band Dil-e-Nadan, has claimed the title of 2013 Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch!
The best award I ever accepted was the LOVE from my fans…
You my fans, made it something special, if it wasn’t for you all none of this was possible. I  want to thank my parents for their endless blessings and support….  Ramanrine Tole Moonilal and Bella Ramnarine.  Also my friends and family that supported me all the way through!
“I did this for my people, my culture and about moving forward. I would serve my people and uplift my culture to the highest,” “ I want to go out and I really want to inspire the young ones”  The biggest thanks again to my fans most of all and the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism of TnT. THANKS TO GOD AND EVERYONE THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE !!! I LOVE YOU ALL  !!!!  FROM “D SHOW STOPPA”  RAYMOND RAMNARINE! AND MY BAND THE  DIL-E-NADAN !!!  MY LIFE, MY MUSIC, DEN !

Great artists are rooted in their exceptional upbringings and wholesome music loving environments. Here I present some background on Ramnarine ‘Tole’ Moonilal; the FATHER of Raymond, Rennie and Richard!!
•Ramnarine “Tole” Moonilal father of Raymond, Rennie and Richard Ramanrine, respected as one of the most famous musicians in Trinidad was born on May 30, 1946 to Moonilal Gookool and Mamine Moonilal. From an early age people started recognizing the extraordinary interest and abilities he exhibited with all instruments. Ramnarine later went on to be one of the founders of Dil E Nadan together with Ustad Yusuff Khan. In 1970 he led Dil E Nadan to winning the Prime Minister’s Trophy for Best Orchestral Band. That Competition was judged by the Late Great Mohammad Rafi of India. In 1971 Ramnarine got married to Bella Ramnarine and had three sons Rennie, Raymond and Richard Ramnarine. He has accomplished a lot in his career; he graced the stage along with Hari Om Sharan, Kumar Sanu and many more distinguished artistes. However, his greatest accomplishment to this date for him is his three sons. This master musician also composed and performed the test piece “Dostana” for the Saaj Samelan Competition for which other bands had to learn and compete for the prize. Ramnarine has toured Europe, North America and the Caribbean together with his band Dil E Nadan. Today Ramnarine is retired and enjoys travelling with the band and grooming his 6 grand children for “Generation 3” of Dil E Nadan.
The Band is currently managed by Richard Ramnarine and remains the Number 1 World  Soca Chutney band!
Don’t miss your chance to experience this world renowned West Indian Band LIVE in Montreal this Sunday May 19th, 2013 at the HIVE!! If you’re in the mood to have a live Bollywood, Chutney Music fusion where you are GUARANTEED to have a great time, do check out Maharaj Productions showcase this Victoria Day weekend!! Tickets are only $25.00, and are already virtually sold out 🙂

This show will also be featuring Mistah Vic who had this to present about this musical talent: “I play all kinds of music. It all depends on the crowd,  I believe in “what the crowd wants the crowd gets!” I grew up with music in my family. I got most of my musical foundation from my father, Devindra Harilal. Both of my parents equally support me. I’ve been into music since I was a kid,  started off by playing tabla and harmonium at the temple. I also used to sing bhajans. Then I played keyboard and sang in a band called Soundsations with my father. This all started when I was around 7 or 8 years old or maybe even younger. I started DJing when i was 13. DJing is a hobby and I love doing it. But entertainment and performing is something I would like to take to another level. One of my biggest goal is to have my own band in the next 1 to 3 years. I think my most memorable performance would be this weekend at Chutney Soca In Da Hive 2.0!” Riddim Souljah will be taking the stage, and this will be the finest in West Indian Entertainment to hit Montreal in well over a decade!!

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