Bollywood goes Cirque du Soleil!!

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Malang” (English: Vagrant love) is the second single released from the 2013 Bollywood film Dhoom 3, which starred Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, and Uday Chopra and was directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. The song was composed by Pritam, who also composed for the previous two films of the film series,with lyrics by Sameer Anjaan. It was sung by Siddharth Mahadevan and Shilpa Rao and performed on film by Khan and Kaif. The song’s performance is represented as part of a stage show. Malang was released on the  digital music platform iTunes on 2 December 2013.Lyricist Sameer Anjaan has described the song as a “beautiful, pure and sublime Sufi love song”.The production for the song is said to have cost INR50 million (US$840,000) and involved the work of 200 professional acrobats who were flown in from the United States for the song.The shoot, which took twenty days, used a set in Reliance Studious which took 2 months to construct. Cirque du Soleil performers were hired to train the two actors in acrobatic performance for a few weeks prior to the shoot, which was done without the use of safety nets or harness.

The film’s choreography required performer Aamir Khan to spin about 60 times in a minute at an elevation of 80 feet.As a result, Khan suffered from nausea during the filming and had to be put on medication to combat the sensation. Los Angeles based airbrush artist Adam Tenenbaum applied Khan’s intricate, tattoo-like body paint for the shoot. Katrina Kaif’s part was choreographed by Shampa Gopikrishna; her sequences took 11 days to shoot


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