‘Saree Ke Fall Sa’ singer finds all the admiration overwhelming :)

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Songs like ‘Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka’, ‘Mera Jhoota Hai Japani’ or even the sensuous number ‘Choli Ke Piche Kya Hai’ have one thing in common – the reference of clothes. Listeners have always liked those songs in which dupatta, chopi, chunari or choli have been mentioned and those songs have gone on to become chartbusters.
The same seems to be the case of Saree Ke fall sa, the song in the film R…Rajkumar sung by the upcoming singing sensation Nakash Aziz. The song’s popularity has increased so much that the singer Nakash is on cloud nine.

‘I am excited about getting such kind of response for my song as there was a time when songs on cloths use to be famous like hawa mein urta jaye and after a long time this song came Saree ke fall sa. For Indian tradition saree is very significant…may be that’s why they are liking this song so much. I guess, saree rocks,’ Nakash said animatedly.

Nakash Aziz also thanked his mentor Pritam, ‘I am so grateful to Pritam Da, who gave me a chance to sing this song, director Prabhudeva who filmed the song very beautifully, and Shahid Kapoor for performed so brilliantly on this song.’ He went on to add: “I guess, it is a win-win combination, that has worked in the favour of this song. Of course, I am really thrilled and couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

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