Shivaay – Upcoming Bollywood Blockbuster!

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As we welcome the turn of the seasons, the change of the leaves, the crispness of the fall breeze, so many things to look forward to, and of course for all of us with a flair of Bollywood… the anticipation of an action packed blockbuster ‘SHIVAAY.’ I wanted to share this interview from Firstpost on some of his insights with you!

The trailer for Ajay Devgan’s directorial next Shivaay was launched in Indore, amid many Devgan fan clubs. Firstpost happened to catch Devgan after the launch, to talk to him about his films, his brand of acting, and why there has been such a gap between his releases.

Here are some snippets:


Ajay Devgn in Shivaay. Screen grab from Youtube.

You know what are the signs of a true superstar? Less controversies, balance personal and professional lives, complete control over his/her career, mass entertainment. And all that is you. Is this the work of an over enthusiastic team or is it ‘the clever Ajay Devgan’?

“I think it’s not the team, it’s not me; It’s just how I actually am. And I have always been that way. So, that is why you don’t see any drastic transformations.”

Shivaay is touted to be one of the biggest movies this year and this is your directorial comeback after a while. What took you so long?

“A film of this scale needs a lot of planning and I needed 2 years off. I had so much work committed that by the time I could finish everything, these many years has passed.”

Tell us one wacky thing that you figured out about Sayissha or Erika during the course of the making of Shivaay.

“Don’t think there’s anything. I don’t think anybody is wacky or anything. Shivaay was such a massive project that either we were working or we were feeling good.”

Did you prank your costars this time?

“No I really didn’t have the time on this film.”

What advice did you give your costars and debutantes in the film?

“I don’t think anything as such. I told them to be themselves, to be as real as possible. And that’s what they did. It’s what I wanted for the film.”

Once the movie releases, what is the one thing you want the audience to take away from Shivaay?

I think they should take the movie home. When you talk about drama and emotion, what you take home is the feel-good factor and a part of the emotion.”




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