Prem United is proud to create authentic productions, generate unique opportunities for Indian Cultural Enthusiasts, and provide high quaity workshop sessions!

We are a Cultural and Arts Organization specializing in creating high quality Indian based content that highlight the traditions and the fusion of Indian art forms contained within the Global Indian Diaspora market.  We fuse the traditional and evolutionary elements of the root culture and present our productions through the lens of the host country to bridge gaps in celebrating cultural awareness.

We have been in operation since 2007, and have presented 5 major productions; Bollywood Chutney PartyBollywood Evolutions, Vedic Dinner Party, Hungama and Bollywood Cafe (kindly refer to our PRODUCTIONS page for more information on our showcases.)  We have also created a wide variety of unique job opportunities for Indian Cultural Enthusiasts to explore their cultural interests through our membership services.

We also present  a special workshop series called  Prem Ghani Sessions. This workshop series has presented an array of Indian based cultural concepts which has created a forum to bridging cultural understanding and focus on the diversity within this vast community. Please stayed tune for new updates on our sessions!